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Intent And Disclaimer

Adrenal gland disorders are so so common! As a human species, we seem to be getting more and more unhealthy, with bad diets and stress, toxifying our bodies and leading to illness. Adrenal fatigue treatment is very very simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy! The simple solution I found is widely known now, but not by most. It’s been tried and tested and there are absolutely thousands upon thousands of testimonials on this natural cure which involves simply an adrenal fatigue diet and some herbs. I’ve been quite disappointed with the lack of worthwhile information available on real adrenal cure, which is why it took me years to find this protocol, here’s my story. I hope to help a few people out there. One person at a time, we can all get well! It is also part of my own journey to share my findings and help others. I gain so much from reflecting and writing my experiences, thanks for taking the time to listen. I am sitting my exams soon to become a detox specialist; I am not offering those services here, I’m just providing valuable simple information that works.

I won’t be going into too much detail about symptoms of adrenal fatigue or the several medically named adrenal gland disorders, since there is a lot of that on the net. Dr Morse strongly suggests that the principles can cure any illness! No matter how chronic or acute!

Please note this disclaimer: This is not medical advice, none of the info on this site is; it is for educational purposes only. The information on this site is not intended to diagnose or give specific treatment, I am sharing valuable information; please use these suggestions at your own risk; I just have to say that for legal reasons, that’s all. There is actually no or little serious risk to you by eating a high water content diet and taking a bunch of natural herbs, although there may be detox symptoms. But please check the ingredients if you know you are allergic to some particular herb, it’s rare but it happens. By comparison, think about the long list of risks and serious side effects for any medication you get from a medical doctor, it’s just crazy, and many people are happy to trust all that with no complaining!

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