Do’s & Dont’s for Adrenal Support

Things you can do to support your protocol of adrenal fatigue treatment:

Practicing a relaxing form of exercise is very supportive. Walk everyday.

Do Your Best to Eliminate Stress. Try daily yoga, and meditation, even just 5 mins daily.

Reducing contact with negative people in your life.

Deep, controlled breathing has wonderfully positive effects on your adrenals. It’s also said to increase life span.

Sleep more. Even if you don’t feel sleepy, turn off all electronics and close your eyes in a dark room by 10 pm. Even if you don’t fall asleep and stay asleep, you are getting 80% of the benefits of sleep, WOW! (I will find the reference of this and link it here).

Sleep until 9 a.m. as often as possible.

Lying down during your work breaks.


Eating regular meals.

Chewing well.

Doing something you find fun each day.

Avoiding junk food.

Licorice herb.



Dandelion tea.

Make time for simple rest each day. Rejuvenating rest is the best; things like stretching, napping, visualization exercises, guided relaxation tapes, hugging, laughing, holding a pet, playing with a child.

Remove any hard-to-digest foods. What activity, do you think, requires the most energy of your body? Any ideas? Excerise? Sex? Believe it or not, it’s digestion! So, by using less energy for hard to digest food, that energy becomes available for natural healing.

Remove refined sugar and sweeteners.

Remove processed food.


NOOOOOO! I don’t recommend you do these things:

I’ve seen so much crap on the internet that I really wanted to mention some of it! The following are all suggestions I actually found on the net as recommendations for supporting your adrenals, but they are so unbelievably hurtful to your adrenals. These should not be part of any adrenal fatigue treatment:

Please don’t do this: Saying ‘yes’ to a low carb diet. This can stress the body even more, worsening adrenal burnout – And you thought your constant fatigue couldn’t get any worse, hey ….?  (Try it if you really want but I did warn you!)

Please don’t do this: Consume more healthy fats; coconut oil, ghee, olives, olive oil, butter. It’s said to lower belly fat (which indicates adrenal fatigue). Yes, this will somewhat reduce belly fat, if I’m honest. But please don’t waste your time with this. I wasted a year on this one. It has some good effects for a while, but it doesn’t fix it. And in the long term it does more damage rather than support adrenals.

Please don’t do this: Eat at least 40 grams of protein in the morning. No! It’s hard to digest. It’s wastes valuable energy and also work your adrenal glands hard. There are just so many things wrong with this! I would love to take the opportunity to really explain this in detail, hopefully in the future…

Please don’t do this: using fancy recipes for supposedly restoring adrenal gland disorders, including fried chicken, muffins, lots of meat, dairy, bread. No!

Please don’t do this: taking adrenal fatigue supplements of vitamins and minerals, vitamin C, vitamin E, B-complex, Calcium, Magnesium, any of the “high quality adrenal gland supplements”. Simply treating the symptoms of possible deficiencies like this is simply prolonging the problem. It’s not going to the root cause (which is lymphatic blockage in your body). And most supplements are man-made chemicals, they’re not naturally found. You just need to give your adrenals and your body the right environment to make its’ own goodies.

Please don’t do this: synthetic cortisol, hormone replacement!!! Don’t mess around with the delicate adrenal gland hormone system, of which your adrenals are a part of. Not only is it impossible to know exactly what effect something will have on you personally, (unless you do muscle tests), but these treatments are so evasive and unnatural and aggressive. Your body can restore the balances of any deficiencies itself, it just needs a chance to heal with the right conditions. Give the body the right environment and it will fix itself, without the need for supplementing with artificial hormones and unnatural vitamins. Errrrr! It makes my stomach turn.

Please don’t do this: strenuous exercise like running! It’s really hard on the adrenal glands. I tried this, with unexpected results, see ‘About Me’ page.

Please don’t do this: hydration by drinking more water. Hydration cannot be achieved effectively through drinking water, believe it or not! Yes, you should definitely drink when you feel thirsty, but who in the world came up with the 2-3 litre a day rule!?!? The best way to hydrate your cells is through high water content fruit, where the water in food penetrates much deeper. And drinking too much water puts strain on your kidneys (which are already delicate if you have weak adrenals). Drinking too much water can dilute essential electrolytes. How much water should you drink? Listen to your body. Follow the signals.

Adrenal fatigue treatment is in your hands.

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