About Me

My name is Jessica, and after my long journey with adrenal weakness and adrenal support, I am now estatic to report my recovery and also share my review of the treatment that finally worked. This is my personal experience of adrenal fatigue treatment & recovery.

I felt that everyone else my age was not looking like I was. I knew something was wrong. My body shape had changed, and it wasn’t just weight related, because I know where on my body I would put weight on. This was different. I was now more and more becoming an apple like shape. I was actually losing weight from my bum and putting weight on my tummy, all while my weight was not changing. Bizarre to me. And if I did lose weight, I wasn’t returning to my slender self, I was just losing my bum and gaining tummy fat. You know how we have different size clothes for when we’re thin and the other… well my thin trousers were getting too baggy! My bum was flat and practically non-existent, and this used to be my partner’s favourite part of me. My poor little bum! I would try to disguise it but this most often resulted in bad choice of outfits, and there were occasions when my closest girl-friends lovingly confronted me and asked what in the world I was wearing. I had lost all confidence in dressing myself, and so would often just chuck on anything or I would choose my clothes depending on how my bum and tummy looked, no matter how mis-matched the items were, which only made me more self-conscious. Anyway, this is not supposed to be just a wardrobe malfunction blog. It’s much more serious than that.

Now, I have realised it’s not supposed to be that hard. Don’t get me wrong, the treatment I will recommend is not easy, but what I was on before was harder and slower, though it produced some benefits. I’ve now realised being on the other side that it’s not supposed to be that difficult. i.e, I’m not supposed to suffer for years and years and years with this.

So, there I was, shrunk bum, unfirm skin, pretty grouchy, and I wanted so much more out of life.

I knew that if I don’t do something about this, it would get worse and worse, as it had been, til I would become bed-ridden. Perhaps, if you reflect on your health progress, perhaps you can see you’ve got worse. Writing it out helped me to realise something else that I hadn’t joined the dots on before. For a while, every couple of years, I had gone through a personally upsetting event, and I could see how at each event I would come out with my adrenal symptoms slightly worse each time. It finally hit a new all time low for me personally when I had my last shock a couple years ago when I was attacked while sitting in my car from a drugged up man with road rage, he came out and smashed up my window with his bare hands, I actually thought he wanted to kill me. Anyway, as much as I tried very hard over the next few days and weeks to use the skills I had of stress management and coping mechanisms, and I really did quite well considering how it could have affected me, but that’s when I suddenly put on extra weight around my tummy without putting on weight anywhere else and without the scales changing, I am not kidding. Sometimes it can happen so gradually that we think it’s just as a result of weight gain, these flabby tummies, but it’s more sinister than that. It’s your adrenals! And this is not the only symptom of course, and you could have adrenal weakness before this is obvious, as was in my case. I already had chronic adrenal weakness before that last trauma.

I thought “I’m still relatively young, I’m not supposed to be slowing down this much at my age. What’s going on with me?” I was scared. I was really scared. And sometimes I would forget about how scared I was and perhaps not think about it daily, but it still affected my life everyday. I decided to go on a mission to fix me. And later when it did get a lot worse, I just had to find a real solution.

Because of my journey of adrenal exhaustion, I have decided to become a detox specialist, only because I now know this is the only thing that works to cure any illness. Before you email me to ask for a client consultation, I’m sorry to say I don’t do that, perhaps I will look into that sometime in the future, but for now, that’s not what I’m about. Also, I didn’t become a detox specialist to earn a living from it. I wanted to help family members and any friends I could help, as well as myself of course. This really is the only adrenal fatigue treatment that actually cures it. And it is really all about diet and some supportive herbs. You can call it an adrenal fatigue diet but really it’s a diet for all illnesses.


Different things I tried, not in any particular order:


Drinking a lot more water

Supplements of specific vitamins and minerals, (be careful!)

Eating more natural fats

Bio Impedence

Other herbal doctor

Increased exercise

Replaced breakfast with fruit only breakfast

Iron tablets & sachets

Giving up, doing nothing about it!

Liver flushes

Other kidney herbs

Adrenal fatigue supplements

Other adrenal herbs

Hormone cream, progesterone

Normal healthy diet, no processed foods

Juicing veg and some fruit

Kale shakes for a year

Fruit only weeks

Water fasting

Dry Fasting

Colon cleanses, never got rid of parasites in small intestine


Reducing stress

(I can detail the benefits and concerns of each of these protocols above, in email to you).

Some of the above protocols helped, especially when I took it seriously. Some slowed down my health progress, like drinking more water, believe it or not (this is because it can put strain on your secretly weak kidneys) !! But I still needed to find a better solution. The best solution. And I needed guidance from someone who knew more about what’s going on. I did countless hours of research, re-read a tonne of books, and spoke to more health advisors, spent more money on local promises. As soon as I started the treatment of Dr Morse’s protocol, it was the first time I knew this was going to be a permanent fix. This site really does show you how to treat adrenal fatigue for good (and without all those very harmful adrenal fatigue supplements on the market today).

Jessica Gina