Obstacles to Dr Morse’s Adrenal Treatment

But first a short video listening to Dr Morse’s ideas on the adrenal gland cure…

Obstacles to the Detox of the adrenal fatigue diet

There are 4 main obstacles to your adrenal fatigue treatment:

Absorption.    Many people’s colon is so congested that they don’t absorb much of the nutrients they eat and so the same thing can happen with any herbs taken. There’s a good chance you will not absorb the herbs fully and they’ll just go straight through you! I’m trying to suggest you sort this out before you jump into a very heavy protocol of herbs. I’m sure you’d want to make sure you actually absorb the herbs you buy. For this reason the Fab Four contains a stomach & bowels formula to start to clear away old debris stuck to the surface of your intestines, allowing better absorption. It comes in 5 different strengths, Tonic #1 is for loose stools and those who have 3 or more movements a day; Tonic #2 is for those who have one bowel movement a day, or someone who misses a day once in awhile; Tonic #3 is for someone whose bowels move every other day to every 3rd day; Tonic #4 is for someone whose bowels move every third day or so; Tonic #5 is for someone whose bowels are not moving much at all and needs a big boost to get going. (which is of an adrenal fatigue diet, with herbs, restoring adrenal gland hormones)

After taking this Stomach & Bowels Formula for at least two weeks, I highly recommend the G.I. Broom. This product is absolutely amazing! You can check out the reviews on this one product alone! It works at the blockages just behind your intestinal wall, through the other side of it, pulling out old toxins. For many, it has had results compared to what would come out on a 2 month mono grape fast, but instead it’s been known to bring those same results after just 1 week. This is my favourite product so far! I tried to find cheaper versions and even making it up myself with the ingredients, but it didn’t make much difference in the price. And this capsule form is much easier to take down than the original powder form, which is quite nasty to say the least. You should take the G.I. Broom at least after 2 weeks of taking the Stomach & Bowels formula, though. It doesn’t say that on the bottle but it’s recommended. (which is of an adrenal fatigue diet, with herbs, restoring adrenal gland hormones)

Second obstacle to adrenal fatigue treatment:

Cravings.         Did you know that most cravings come from the presence of worms or parasites! It’s been estimated that 80-90% of humankind is unknowingly infected with parasites, affecting energy, vitality, cravings, illnesses etc. I was relieved and astounded at seeing those things out of me, floating dead in my toilet and I have certainly found a gradual reduction in my cravings! The two parasite formulas will get rid of these things. Each formula targets different types. It’s suggested to get through 1 or 2 bottles for complete elimination. After that, a healthy diet will enable your strong body to get rid of them itself. Dr Morse says that everyone should first de-worm themselves, and I completely whole heartedly agree. I was truly shocked at what came out of me in just 10 days of the parasite formulas. That’s why the 1st kit in the 14 week protocol contains parasite formulas. Or you can buy them separately alongside the Fab Four.

Third obstacle to adrenal fatigue treatment:

Kidney filtration        – can be optimised through the particular herbs found in the kidney formula in the Fab Four. It is vital to your health to get your kidneys filtering. You want to ensure your kidneys are filtering before you go very deep into getting your lymphatic system moving. Remember, all your cellular waste gets taken to your kidneys by your lymphatic system. Without kidney filtration, toxins just get re-circulated around your body. We have 2 kidneys plus our skin. The skin is a huge organ which sweats to eliminate waste so is often referred to as your 3rd kidney. Saunas and long hot baths will assist the waste elimination process, taking some pressure off the hard working kidneys, especially as they will have a lot to do while you are detoxing so much old accumulated waste. The waste from all your body’s cells will want to exit the body through your kidneys. But if your kidneys are not filtering properly, your toxins will just circulate your body and get re-absorbed. So all that hard work on clean eating will not be effective unless your kidneys are ready to take on all that. So, it must be a priority to get your kidneys filtering. How do you know when your kidneys are filtering? Drop me an email and I’ll tell you exactly how to check.

Fourth obstacle to adrenal fatigue treatment:

Changing your diet. Changing your diet is obviously different from popping a few pills. It involves making new habits in your life and this is not easy. Breaking the old habits is what we find scary. This is because the bad habits do serve a purpose for us, we get some sort of pay-off … that may even be sub-conscious. If you think this part of the process will be difficult for you, there’s several suggestions I can offer. Take baby steps – small manageable steps you are happy and comfortable with. You will stumble at times, don’t take this so seriously. Schedule a few minutes each day where you meditate on your successes and positive ideas. It took me 2 years of baby steps to get to a high fruit diet, others take weeks, some can do it straight away. Just remember, that any other food that is not fruit will slow down the detoxification process, including bananas as they do not have high water content. You can still benefit from the increase in live foods and you can take the herbs at whatever stage you are at. The herbs will always help you. But the fastest way to get to complete detoxification is 100% fruit, with the herbs. Fruit is the adrenal fatigue diet. Much more on food habits in the future… The biggest, simplest, most difficult task is to actually change the way you eat and apply what you know. We all need serious help on this one! I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with excellent professionals on this area. I will be sharing my findings.

(which is of an adrenal fatigue diet, with herbs, restoring adrenal gland hormones)

Detox symptoms to the Adrenal Fatigue Diet

Unfortunately, you will get detox symptoms on your journey of adrenal fatigue treatment. The more ill you are, the worse the detox will be for you. It may not be all bad, of course, and you must remember it won’t last forever. There are so so many possible detox symptoms, I’ll have to write about that another time. In the meantime, google it, and if you get worried and you’re really suffering on your detox, you can drop me an email. People often assume that any discomfort on a detox is a sign it’s bad for you! I just cannot understand why people are so much more accommodating to the side effects of traditional medical treatment which are actually destroying people’s health in the long run. Look at the huge list of terrible side effects of any pharmaceutical medication that people are willing to put up with. And after considering all that, please note that all these medications are being made to suppress the body’s natural healing reaction to illness. For example, do you know why the body would produce a fever? The body is so clever. It produces these “symptoms”  that are the most efficient way to deal with the underlying problem. A fever is just the body increasing its’ temperature to cure itself. And the medical doctors try to stop this natural process by reducing the fever and they don’t realise they are inhibiting the curing process. A fever would never kill you. A fever is the body cleaning itself. When the body has done its job, the fever passes, if it’s given the right conditions. The fever is not the underlying problem, it’s a reaction to another underlying problem that needs to be investigated. And so it goes with many other symptoms, as well as detox symptoms. Unfortunately, it’s just something you have to go through, but it is temporary and you’ll come out the other end so much stronger and so will your adrenals! 😉  (adrenal fatigue diet is a fruit diet, that willl slowly eliminate

Once you are fully detoxed (and thus your adrenal fatigue treatment is complete!), you don’t need to stay on this fruit diet if you don’t want to. But you may be surprised that you will probably feel like you want to stay on a lot more live foods since you will have gone on quite a journey and your taste buds will have changed. But, after you are cured, it’s okay if you want to include some other foods. Also, if you want to detox more slowly because you are having such strong symptoms to your toxins releasing, it’s okay to slow down your detox with one daily meal of salad, for example. But be careful not to have too heavy foods that will just stop your detox. (And yes you can check if you are detoxing or not). You’ll have to trial what works best for you. Remember you want to get your lymphatic system moving and cleansing your cells, so keep your diet high water content. Saying that, others have chosen to do 2 fruit meals and eat whatever they want for a third meal. It’s really up to you and what you can cope with emotionally, too. But JUST START your adrenal fatigue treatment immediately through your diet, via baby steps. And always keep close in mind that this fruit diet will gradually (or quickly) eliminate your constant fatigue, cure your adrenal gland disorders, without the need for unnatural adrenal fatigue supplements. Adrenal support is in your hands. 

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